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What to Expect from your Brow Tattoo?

Whether your brows are sparse and uneven, or you’re looking for a low-maintenance, polished appearance, brow tattooing can enhance your current arches.

Benefits Include:

  • Well defined, fuller and even toned brows
    makeup free brows that are sweat and waterproof
  • Add background colour to pale/white brows
  • Camoflage sparse areas, scars, and other imperfections
    the procedure is semi-permanent, which allows you to change the shape or shade of your brows

How long is my appointment? What is involved?

Consultation & Brow Design

 I don’t book a separate appointment to consult, however, I’m happy to discuss concerns and address any questions you might have over the phone prior to booking. I always book enough time on our first appointment to allow us to get acquainted and talk about your vision for your brows. Please bring any brow example photos to your appointment to help describe the shape that you’re most attracted to. I always like working with my clients to shape and design a set of brows that compliment and highlight their facial features. The shade of the brows is also a decided upon together to compliment both skin and hair tones.

Numbing (30 min)
I want you to be as comfortable as possible from start to finish! Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic (5% lidocaine ointment) is applied and allowed to soak into your skin for 20-30 minutes. I also have a secondary numbing cream that can be applied during the procedure as required. The procedure itself is really only minor in discomfort and following the procedure there little to no swelling, redness or sensitivity. The brow region is the least sensitive area of the body to have microblading.

Tattooing (60-90 min)
This is when the magic happens! Once the outer layer of your skin is numb, I use a very fine hand instrument to create fine, hair-like strokes of pigment in the design we decided on

Post Appointment Healing
Your brows will be their darkest during the first 2-3 days then gradually fade to a soft natural shade. Your brows will may be slightly red for the first few days, then have a minor amount of itchiness and flaking of the skin similar to a sunburn by the end of the first week. The outer most layers of skin will heal after 2 weeks. Day 21 the pigment is settled in the skin and that is when you can assess the final shade your brows will stay. It takes 6 weeks for the deeper layer of the skin to fully heal and that is when we can do your pigment boost to make your brows last longer and fill in any areas that need more pigment

 Aftercare is crucial for the longevity of your brows! Full instruction will be given at your appointment. Please refer to the aftercare page to make sure you are able to follow the recommended protocol. Your investment may not last if you are not able to.