Please read through and understand the information below. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Booking an Appointment and Cancellation Policy

A $100 non-refundable deposit, upon booking, is required to reserve your appointment time. The deposit is credited towards the total procedure cost. If the appointment time must be changed, a phone call, text or email must be made within 48 hours of appointment time.

Waiver Form

Completed prior to Microblade Treatment 

  • I am over 19 years of age
  • If I have taken pain medication or allergy medication, I understand there is and increased risk for bleeding and scabbing during and post procedure and I accept this risk
  • If I have any serious medical conditions, I will need a note from my doctor
  • I am not allergic to pigment or anesthetic. I understand it is possible that I may have an allergic reaction to the pigments and anesthetic cream used, and I accept these risks
  • I understand that infection is possible with this procedure, especially if I do not follow after-care protocol. I will not hold the technician liable for any complications related to this risk
  • I am not pregnant or nursing
  • I am not diabetic
  • I do not have a bleeding disorder
  • I do not have a communicable disease such as HIV/AIDS
  • I have not had botox or filler in the past 2 months
  • I have not had a chemical peel in the past 2 months
  • I am not taking Accutane/have not taken Accutane for past 12 months
  • I am not undergoing cancer treatment
  • I do not have epilepsy
  • I do not have impaired or slow healing from minor wounds
  • I do not have a heart condition
  • I do not have an immune disorder
  • I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • I have notified the technician of any prescriptioins/vitamins/herbal supplements I am taking (List here:)